Straight Talk Support Group Can Help You

What Happens at Straight Talk Meetings?

Straight Talk provides a place for friends and families of the incarcerated and  those re-entering society to come together and share information, be heard, and be supported in discovering survival and coping skills.
 In addition to the meetings, speaker series, and crisis line, Straight Talk Support Group offers its members ($5 per month) a Share-A-Ride Program to assist members in visiting their incarcerated loved ones.

You will be listened to.

The goal of Straight Talk’s meetings is to let members share their experiences, trials, and tribulations with one another in a safe and non-judgmental space. We know that having a loved one in jail or prison is a difficult experience, and like you we have had hard time getting people who don’t share this experience to “get it”. At Straight Talk you will be talking with and listening to people who have had similar struggles, and we know from our own lives that just being in a room with others who have open hearts, open minds, and a loved one in in the criminal justice system is a rewarding and comforting experience. Meetings begin with short introductions and then open up to shared conversation.

Everything you say will be kept confidential.

Straight Talk Group Meetings all share one thing in common: they are completely confidential. You can come to a meeting with a desire to talk, a need to listen or anything in between, all that we ask is that you don’t share anything you’ve heard.

You will be able to participate as much or as little as you’d like.

Since Straight Talk is a member-run organization we are always looking for leaders to take on important tasks, and if your coping process involves helping others we have a space for you. If you don’t have the space in your life to do more than attend meetings (even irregularly) we will be happy to see you whenever you can get here.

You can learn and share your own knowledge.

In addition to our general meetings, which primarily consist of supportive, open, and confidential conversations, we invite guest speakers or Straight Talk members to present information that they find useful to the community. In the past we have had speakers from within the Department of Public Safety, local politicians, counselors, representatives from area organizations, and many others share their knowledge with us.

Still not sure about whether Straight Talk is for you?

Please use our contact page to get in touch with a Straight Talk member who will be happy to talk about their own experiences with the benefits of being part of this supportive community.

Do You Want To Start a Straight Talk Support in Your City?

We’re here to help you and people in crisis anywhere. To learn how you can create a Straight Talk Support Group chapter, please use this form: