Resident Success Story: Mr. Dula

Mr. Dula is a Black male 54yrs old.  Originally from Thomasville NC. raised in Atlanta Ga. He moved back to North Carolina in 1976. Living between Thomasville and Durham.  Mr. Dula has been married for 8 years. Mr. Dula has one son who is 21 that lives in Carolina, and a daughter who is 30 that lives in Atlanta with her husband.

Mr. Dula was previously incarcerated for 7 months at Criminal Justice Resource Center for Durham Mental Health. Mr. Dula was referred to Ms. Bessie Elmore and STSG by a mental health provider he previously worked with.

Upon his release Mr. Dula enter STSG on June 28, 2018. Mr. Dula did not have a job. At this time, he felt very overwhelmed and depressed. During his stay, he relapsed twice. Upon his second relapse, he met with his case managers Ms. Elmore and Ms. Ellis. 

Housing for New Hope became his funding provider. Once he relapsed his case manager Ms. Ellis and Ms. Elmore met with Mr. Dula and laid out a plan of action, given him a second chance at STSG. Mr. Dula realized this was an opportunity for a fresh start.  Ms. Elmore dew up second chance contract, which was just what Mr. Dula needed and he took full advantage of it.

Mr. Dula got in touch with his old job where he was employed for 5 years. The company gave him a second chance   They would see him pan handling and would always give him money.

He started back working October 1 2018. Mr. Dula continues to work and has not has not relapsed, has pays his rent to STSG and is enrolled in the housing program that Housing for New Hope program.

Mr. Dula has taken advantage of money management services offered here at STSG, that has allowed him to save up for his new home.

He has participated in most of the programs here at STSG.

 Mr. Dula was able to reach his children through social media and repaired their relationship. He also reached out to his two sisters, and obtained a new bond. Mr. Dula is now in the process of moving into his own apartment. Mr. Dula has also brought a car to help him and his wife get around.

Mr. Dula has high praise for STSG and its Executive Director for all the support he has been given. He’s not had any write up he goes the extra mile. He is a positive influence amongst peers at the house and maintains a great relationship with Ms. Elmore

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