Something Much Greater At Stake – Radical Discipleship by Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander is the author of The New Jim Crow and 2016 recipient of the Heinz Foundation Reward. Her essay appeared on September 16, 2016.

I am enormously grateful for this award and look forward to sharing it with organizations and advocates who are committed to courageous and creative work for racial justice. My book, The New Jim Crow, would never have had a national impact if it wasn’t for the many, many people who not only read the book, but decided to take action by handing it to others, teaching it in classrooms, organizing study circles, holding forums or town halls, going into prisons, providing support to people returning home, and engaging in protest and direct action — in short, doing something meaningful rather than simply letting the book sit on a shelf. So this award belongs to all of you who not only read the book, but gave it a life of its own. I am creating a fund for the purpose of donating this money and book royalties, and I hope to help support great work that is being done all over the country for many years to come.

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