Thanks to the Men’s Council for their Support

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Straight Talk Support Group has just received one of the first round of grants by the Raleigh-based Men’s Council Giving Back program. Straight Talk Support Group will use the $1500 funding to seed a program that leverages its experience and success in working with families to create a family centered program that empowers men to reenter society from Incarceration. Making a Path for Men to Succeed in Reentry establishes its foundation in defining family roles. The man returning to society frequently does not know what his new role within the family.

Making a Path for Men to Succeed in Reentry touches the core of Straight Talk Support Group’ mission – support for the reentry community including men and their families. Steps include:

  • Prepare family members for the challenges of the return of their men.
  • Create activities, such as role playing exercises, where the reunited family members can explore these shifts together in a safe environment assisted by facilitators trained by Straight Talk Support Group.
  • Provide opportunities for men and family members to discuss these challenges in separate and mixed groups.
  • Develop written materials that explore the issues, provide resources about them, and train people to address them as families.
  • Connect reentering men with mentors who have succeeded in reentry and work with them one on one much like sponsors in 12-step programs. Like the latter, the reentry mentors for men will make themselves available to their mentees at pretty much all times.

The Men’s Council is a nonprofit, focused on helping men grow, enrich, and improve their lives through support, fellowship, and community. The Men’s Council strengthens men in their roles of son, father, husband/partner, friend, and citizen.