How Can I Help?2020-06-12T21:51:02+05:30

Interested in Volunteering?

We’d love to have you! If you’d like to be more involved with our organization follow this link to our volunteer page.
STSG need volunteers to facilitate support group meetings and recruit new members. Our newest North Carolina locations are Cary and Salisbury, and we are making great strides to create chapters on local college campuses.
You can also assist STSG by:
  • Donations are key for nonprofits to be able to provide services, this would be a huge help to STSG. If you’d like to donate click here

  • Spreading the word through social media and word of mouth- Follow us! Links to social media at the bottom of the page.

  • Offering your knowledge of the criminal justice system as a guest speaker to our support group meeting
  • Hosting a support group at a location of your choosing
  • Helping recruit or identify families and friends of incarcerated loved ones to become members
  • Assisting returning citizens obtain employment training or computer skills
  • Speaking out against the unjust treatment families receive from the criminal justice system while advocating for their loved ones